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Age: 9 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Black clouds are usually quite daunting but our Cloud is a little different. At 9yo, she sure has seen some things in her time. However, the world can still get a little scary for this sweet lady and she sometimes finds it a little overwhelming. Cloud is looking for the simple life, one with a calm quiet environment to relax the day away in and be spoilt by endless delicious food. As clouds don’t generally come by themselves, this Cloud very much likes her company and would enjoy her new home even more if she has the company of humans or a med/lrg canine friend. Teenage+ or no children would be best due to Clouds sensitive and quiet nature. 

Cloud is available now at our Wyee facility.

Age: 9 years 0 months | Sex: Male

Mamma Mia we have found this beautiful boy and his name is Huberto; meaning bright or shining intellect – With all his grey hairs on his face, he sure is a shining star!

This beautiful old gentleman is looking for his home, and a very warm, snuggly bed. He would love to live his retirement life in a nice home with a backyard, big enough for him to zoom around and play with some toys. A home with older children would be best, as he can be a little playful and bouncy in the yard. Depending on a meet & greet, Huberto may like a canine friend of the medium-large size. He also would suit people that work full time as he copes quite well in his yard all day, but would be best in a yard with opaque fencing.

Age: 7 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Turbo is like a breath of fresh air that will just waltz into your life like it has always been there.  First thing in the morning you'll be greeted with a very excited and enthusiastic lad ( picture kids on xmas morning) as he enjoys life and he will enjoy the day ahead - cos that's what you should do ! Once that initial OMG its a brand new day subsides, he automatically turns into the regular well know variety greyhound where he will allow you to adore him with pats and praise then he is ready to turn into lounge lizard for the rest of the day.

Turbo lives with his very own Jack Russell so company of another respectful hound would be ideal however he would also be fine on his own if you were a casual worker or worker from home.  Turbo needs a full sized yard and is not suited to apartment or townhouse living and is located in Young. We can arrange to have him transported to Goulburn or Canberra for the right home.  Don't let this one get away and apply to adopt him today

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

*In Foster Care*

There are plenty of well-known Buddy’s that this guy could have been aptly named after. Buddy Holly, for his beautiful howling voice or Buddy Murphy for his strong physique. 

Age: 6 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Jenny is a gentle Lady who is looking to spend her retirement snuggling up to anyone willing to give her cuddles and pats.

This beautiful girl is an absolute dream girl, who is incredibly affectionate and is happiest when cuddling her people. She would happily sit with you watching TV, a movie or enjoying a book or nap.

Age: 5 years 5 months | Sex: Male

My name is William and I am just a prince of a hound!!

I would like to be king of your heart and have my days snuggled up with that special person who takes me home. I love to play and go for beach walks, I also would love to try out all the doggy cafes with my new humans!  I have meet a small dog and was very polite. I am good with children and would love someone who will take the time to teach me all the tricks to fit in with their home.

Age: 5 years 5 months | Sex: Male

¡Hola! My name is Señor!

I am looking to grace a lucky family with my Pawsome presence in their life! I am a playful boy who would love to run and have adventures with my new favorite humans and explore the world around me with them.  I would love to go for walks on the beach, or an outdoor movie ( or indoor on your couch), I promise to help you eat your snacks if you let me!.

Age: 5 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Aloha!  My name is Maui! ( you're welcome)

My favorite movie is Moana and I like my favorite Disney character, LOVE walking on the beach with my human friends. I'm polite with small dogs and medium dogs (I just ignore them)  and I like kids, I get so excited to see them! but would like a house where the kids are over the age of ten. I haven't met the 'cat' thing people tell me about, so not sure about them...

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Boof is my name and snuggling is my game!.. and chasing toys, and eating chicken snacks ( roasted is my favorite!), and doing zoomies!

I am a handsome boy who is full of adventure and beans!  I have never raced and will suit a family with older children who want to spend time with me. I will need a fully fenced yard and daily walks to help get some of my energy out and keep my mind active. I have met a small dog and a medium sized dog and I was well behaved with both of them. I have not meet any cats though, so am not sure what i think of them yet.

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Hi Guys!! My names Joe!  I'm full of fun and full of life! I love to do zoomies in the back yard and then have a long snooze in the sunshine!   I have meet a little doggo and I'm a very polite boy with him ( even though he was barking at me a lot!). I am good with kids  but am looking for a house with kids who are a bit older ( over ten). I am excited on the lead at first but calm down once that burst of energy is done!  I LOVE chin scratches. You can scratch under my chin allllll day long!!  I would love to meet you!

Age: 3 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Introducing Blazer!

Blazer is a a 3.5 year old boy who is an active and friendly character. He enjoys attention, going on walks and lazing around.

Age: 3 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Hi I'm Bundy!

I am a bit of a goofball, I enjoy zooming around the backyard with my human companions but also don't mind including other furry friends. I enjoy exploring my surroundings and finding all the wonderful things the world has to offer. After I have finished having my fun I love nothing more than to lie down, relax and enjoy the sunshine. I am good with kids and other dogs, I am very tolerant but also like to have my own personal space occasionally.

Age: 5 years 1 month | Sex: Male

True to his name, sweet and affectionate Bumpo is best known for bumping and leaning into you until you scratch his back! 

Bumpo doesn’t mind spending a few hours alone at a time, so those who work part-time or casual hours are suited. If you have another medium/large dog already at home, Bumpo will gladly share his new home with them and wouldn’t mind spending longer hours alone with his new friend. Bumpo loves his food and will happily engage in any training or enrichment activities you like, as long as they involve a tasty treat! He has good lead manners and will gladly join you on a daily stroll, however he would prefer to start off his walks shorter in quiet areas and build up to more grand adventures. Older kids are just fine by Bumpo as long as he can also have his own space when he needs a break.

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Male

*Murtaugh is currently in foster care*

Murtaugh is a sweet and playful boy who’s ideal forever home would be with his family who are home more often than not, in a quiet area. He would suit casual workers or workers from home as he loves being with his people.

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Handsome blue boy Monte is looking for a new place to call home! This 4-year-old fella is still a puppy a heart and wants some humans who will enjoy his goofy playful side as well as his affectionate and cuddly nature.

Monte has had some previous experience in a home, so he has mastered many elements of pet life such as walking up and down stairs, toilet training and walking beautifully on loose leash! This will help his transition to his forever home to be nice and smooth. Monte is a bit of a social butterfly and we have noticed he is most happy and confident when he has a medium/large canine companion to enjoy life with. As long as he has another dog to hang with during the day, Monte is fine for those who work long hours during the day. Older kids would enjoy his playful nature, as long as they are able to give him space when he needs a break. 

Age: 2 years 5 months | Sex: Male

He’s marvelous. He’s majestic. He’s… magical? Introducing sir Mortimer! Known only to his very best friends (i.e. everyone he meets) as Morty, this 2-year-old hound is looking for a home to call his own.

Morty is a sweet and gentle boy looking for a home where he is the only dog so he can claim all the love and affection for himself. Morty loves being indoors and would suit those who live in an apartment provided they are home more often than not, however if Morty has a quiet yard to call his own part-time/casual workers are suitable. Older kids would be suitable as long as Morty also has his own space when he needs a break. He can take time to warm up to new environments and hopes his new family will take things nice and slow with him as he learns how great pet life can be. Once he feels comfortable, Morty’s adorable personality comes out and he will show you just how smoochy and affectionate he is! He also has a goofy playful side that likes to burst out when you least expect!

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Female

She might not be fluffy but she’s as soft and as gentle as a cloud. Our Cloud is a sweet, confident and affectionate girl who is ready for her forever home. 

Cloud could suit full time workers schedule as she is happy to hang out in the backyard in a bed in the sun with some fun toys and food enrichment like a yummy beef brisket bone to keep her busy, then she will be happy to sleep the day away and wait for your return with her wagging tail.

Age: 6 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Everyone is always looking for their Prince Charming, but what about our Princess Charm? 

She isn’t a high needs princess and doesn’t worry about a huge castle with gold. Charm is much easier going and wouldn’t mind a nice home with a yard to relax in along with toys and very comfy bedding, even a pea wouldn’t concern her! Charm is quite the confident lady and would enjoy a home whether you were there more often than not or if you were out for longer periods, that’s how easy going she is! Charm would appreciate if her potential family were to have children that they be respectful and kind- she is a princess after all! Charm wouldn’t mind if she shared her humble abode with a med/lrg canine companion pending a meet and greet.

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Male

A soft-hearted greyhound, Ferdinand, is trying to escape from Wyee to look for his new home! 

Much like the kind bull character, Ferdinand is also as sweet as can be but he may not be the safest in a china shop! 

Age: 3 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Looking for the perfect canine companion? Well get a load of this handsome rig!

Riggs is the very definition of a gentle giant as he may be large in size but is a very quiet and affectionate boy. Riggs is best known for stealthily squeezing his head under your arm for a pat whenever the opportunity presents itself! Riggs is suitable for those who work part-time or causal hours, but can stay home alone longer if he had another medium/large dog for company during the day. Riggs loves to go for a stroll around town and although he is excited to get going, he quickly settles into a nice rhythm and makes the perfect walking partner. When you get home Riggs will gladly join you in the loungeroom for a movie marathon (though no promises he won’t fall asleep), as he has shown us good manners indoors.