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Age: 5 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Have you been looking for a gift from god? Well Here I am!!!!!!

My name is Tina, and I am a little angel. I love to cuddle up with my humans and dance around the yard to make them laugh!  I love to play with toys and lay in the sun on a warm winters day!  I enjoy going for walks and am good on the lead.  I have met a small dog and was very polite. I am also great with kids who are a bit older ( over ten). I am a quick learner and very patient, I even let the humans dress me up!

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Unlike the pale character from twilight, this Jasper is more of a tall, dark and handsome fellow. He isn't one to do any harm other than make you fall in love!

Jasper is a very kind hearted guy, he is very soft in nature and much prefers a calm and quiet environment to be in. He doesn't mind saying hello to his fellow canine friends, and might be happy to share his home with a med/lrg doggo, pending a meet first.

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Beautiful and petite, this little dark brindle flower is just about the cutest thing we have ever seen! Introducing stunning 3-year-old girl Rosa.

Rosa is a fun-loving and confident girl who falls in love with every human she meets! Whether it’s playing fetch with her favourite squeaky toys in the yard, going for adventures or just hanging out on the lounge and watching a good movie– Rosa is just happy to be involved! Her absolute favourite pastime however is getting pats and scratches from her humans and she would stand next to you for hours as long as you can supply the goods! Rosa also loves the company of other dogs of all sizes and would happily share her new home with one pending a meet and greet first. If she were to be the only dog in your life, she suits those who full-time or part time hours as this will give her time to recharge to shower you with love and affection when you get home!  

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Adorable little Marley will make your heart melt!

At just 3 years old, this adorable little girl is looking for a new place to call home and humans to call her very own. Despite being very affectionate and loving with people, Marley doesn’t mind spending a bit of time on her own during the day and would suit those who work part-time or full time hours. She loves to spend most of her time sunbathing but can often be seen tossing her toys around to entertain herself and finds it even more fun when her humans join in the game! Marley is happy to share her new home with a medium/large dog and older respectful children are also suitable. Marley has great lead manners and loves a good sniff around the neighbourhood so if you are looking for a good walking partner, look no further!

Age: 8 years 4 months | Sex: Female

Oh hey there, my name is Ellie and I’m looking for my own family. Could you have a spot in your home for me, preferably on the lounge?

I’m an older gal, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun! I do still enjoy playing with toys and running around my yard with my human pals. I’m very friendly towards people and love the attention I get from them, I especially like neck scratches and will give you licks on the hand in return. 

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Female

Greyhound: YES

Female: YES

Age: 2 years 10 months | Sex: Female

Hi! I'm Harpa!  I PLAY FETCH!!! and actually bring the ball back to you!

Other then being an absolutely beautiful, I am also very smart and I love a good snuggle on the couch. I really love my humans and will be a faithful companion to someone who adores me! I do not like yelling and have a very gentle nature. I live with another greyhound and we play in the back yard, but I'm not a big fan of smaller dogs, and haven't met any chooks or cats.

Age: 8 years 5 months | Sex: Female

What’s better on a cool afternoon than a tea and some biccies?! I don’t know, but maybe you could share it with another type of Bicky with a blanket and some pats.

This beautiful older lady is very new to the GAP program but already is showing she is ready to lap up all your attention on that cool winter’s afternoon, throughout the day and also at night. She absolutely adores people and would do anything for a leg to lean on and a nice head rub. Bicky is very, very sweet and wants a family to call her own.

Age: 4 years 9 months | Sex: Male

*Bundy is currently in foster care*

Tall. Blonde. Handsome. What more could you want!? Our Bundy has been spending some time in foster care mastering pet life and is now ready for his forever home!

Age: 3 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Hi I'm TIGER! If you take me bush walking I might be responsible for the rare sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger! But don't worry I'm not much of a roarer. In fact I really enjoy quiet walks and snuggling and eating your snacks on the couch (that I'm definitely not allowed on (Oh how we laughed)).

I  am good with kids over the age of ten, and other greyhounds, but haven't met too many other types of doggos or cats. I would love a fenced yard to laze in the sun ( preferably with you). I I cant wait to meet my forever family, if you would like to meet me call my humans!

Age: 3 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Hi My names Jet! My favorite movie is top gun. I'm very into 80s movies and would love to watch them with you on those cold winter evenings, cuddled up on the couch.

During the day I would prefer to play and go for walks, I love walking around and exploring new places! I have meet lots of Long Bois and Grrls ( other greyhounds)  but not to many other types of doggos or cats. I like kids (over ten years old, so I don't accidentally push them over! )

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Yo, Snoopy “Snoop Dawg” G-hound here to tell you what’s up. I am, for adoption that is, so fill out an application for me now.

My fans know me as Snoop Dawg G-Hound, but you can call me Snoopy. I have lived a life of luxury (think kongs at the chateau and bones on the catamaran) but am now ready to settle down with my forever family. I can happily spend a few hours on my own, however miss my posse where they’re away for too long so a family home more often than not would be ideal. I have a wonderful singing voice and love to show it off to anyone who walks by so a fully enclosed backyard with opaque fencing would be best. I love to spend time lazing on the lounge or sleeping on my big fluffy dog bed when you’re home and would be best suited to a family willing to include me in daily life. I get along with creatures from all walks of life, from younger children to small dogs and would be suited to most family dynamics, so long as they are respectful of my space and prized possessions (toys and food). I love to strut down the street showing off my good looks and walk very nicely on the lead. I am quite a confident boy and love to meet new people and I hope that you will love meeting me too! 

Age: 2 years 7 months | Sex: Female

Just as a viper defeats its prey with venom, this beautiful girl will conquer you with her own powerful poison. A potent mix of a bubbly personality, sleek black fur and a smile that lights up the room, she’ll soon have you in a love induced trance. 

Viper is a wiggly, excitable girl with a big zest for life. She can be very bouncy so a home without small children is ideal. She has gotten along well with all the dogs she has met at our site however due to her bounciness would be best suited to life with a medium or larger canine friend. Viper loves to play and go for walks however she does have an off button and loves to relax inside with her family as well. Viper can settle on her own for a few hours at a time, and in a quiet area could build to being alone for full time hours. With another canine friend she can settle for the entire day. Viper can be a little bit shy on first meeting new people however doesn’t take long to let her personality shine and will soon be your new best mate. 

Age: 2 years 7 months | Sex: Female

With a shiny black coat, brown puppy dog eyes and a loveable personality this little darling sure is tempting. Meet Tempest, your new best friend waiting patiently to meet you. 

Tempest, or Tempy as we call her, is a lovely young girl with a very gentle nature. She can be very shy when meeting new people so a quiet household without too many people is a must, however once she comes out of her shell she is very friendly and affectionate. The joy of seeing her happy smile and wagging tail will be well worth the effort put in to help her be comfortable in your home. Tempest gets along with all of the other dogs she has met with us, both big and small. Tempest enjoys going for walks and happily strolls alongside, wagging her tail the entire time. She can settle on her own for long periods of time and would be suitable for full time workers, with or without a friend to keep her company. She likes to play in the yard and chase toys, but more than anything else she just likes to be around her family and get the love and attention she craves. This beautiful girl won’t be around long so come and meet her today! 

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Female

You won't need to hit up the supermarket when you want a treat, you can have Poptart on hand every day of your life!

Just like the delicious treat, Poptart is also sweet and soft on the inside. She can be a little shy at first but once she has warmed up she pops up right out of her shell and delights you with her gentle nature. She would be best suited to a quiet home without a lot of people or small children. Poptart is happy to be left alone for most of the day and would be suited to full time workers with a backyard to spend the day in. Once her family is home however she would love to be included in family life inside the house. Poptart has gotten along well with the other greyhounds she has met at our site and would be happy to hang out with another large breed dog. She walks nicely on the lead and loves to play in the yard making her the ultimate fun friend. 

Age: 1 year 10 months | Sex: Male

Stop scrolling, and check out how cute I am! 

Maurice is a gentle natured, affectionate and human social boy. He can be a little shy when he first meets you but he is such a smoochy boy once you get to know him (see photos of him cuddling his head into the staff!).

Age: 2 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Be still my beating heart. 💓 Young Chelsea ticks every box of divine deliciousness you could have ever dreamed of.

Young ✅

Age: 7 years 3 months | Sex: Female

*Ohana has recently gone into foster care. updates coming soon!*

Say Aloha to the newest love of your life! Introducing the beautiful and gentle 8-year-old Ohana.

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Male

You have just uncovered the hidden gem that you have been looking for.  Meet the most handsome Pepe who is the perfect all rounder.  Already inside as a house dog he is also

✅ Young

Age: 1 year 10 months | Sex: Female

Hi everyone my name is Satay! I’m a sweet affectionate girl ready to go to my forever home. I have shown I’m friendly and love all the staff here at GAP! I’ll lean on you for pats and rest my head on you lovingly. I love treats too and will do anything for treats. I’m friends with all sizes of dogs and enjoy spending time with other greyhounds in our backyards, making me a great addition to your home if you already have another doggie! 

I don’t love being left alone in the backyard on my own but with another doggie friend I would suit full time workers. I like being inside and sleeping on a nice bed, so I’d suit your life if you only have a small yard, townhouse or courtyard as long as I get to sleep inside with you. I would suit your home if you have older or experienced kids as I can sometimes jump on you and have my excitable moments.