Common mistakes made by pet owners

 Common mistakes made by pet owners

We all want the best for our dogs, after all they are part of the family and deserve the best love and care we can provide. As much as we prioritise their care, from sourcing quality food, giving them the right amount of exercise and stimulation, and ensuring they have all of the creature comforts – there are some very common pitfalls people make.

Here are some of the most common mistakes dog owners make:

It’s the most common slip up and most of us are guilty of it at some point in time. As tempting as it is to slip your pooch scraps from the dinner table or give them one too many treats – overweight dogs can suffer from serious health conditions.

Obesity in dogs can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cause joint deterioration or disease and shorten their life expectancy. So next time you consider flicking your dog some of your delicious food, stop and think about the long term consequences.

Forgetting about oral health
This is one of the most overlooked routines and comes with considerable repercussions. The health of your dogs’ mouth is critical to ensuring your dog lives a happy and healthy life. Poor oral hygiene not only encourages bad breath, but can lead to serious conditions such as periodontal disease, loss of teeth and in serious cases can turn into bone infections that can travel to the heart via the bloodstream.

Daily brushing is advised, or brushing a minimum of 3 times a week using a soft toothbrush and doggy toothpaste which is available from most pet stores.

Not adhering to vaccination schedules
Keeping to the specified vaccination schedule is important to maintain immunity against certain diseases. Some vaccines such as canine distemper, parvovirus and rabies provide your pooch immunity for 3 years, while the influenza and bortadella (kennel cough) vaccines should be given annually.

We know that even the best laid plans can become eroded when life gets busy, but ensuring you plan for ‘essential’ activities such as teeth brushing and vaccines will give your pooch the best opportunity to live a long and full life.