Signs that show you have a happy dog

 If your dog could talk, do you think they would tell you that they are happy? That they are loved, content, and live a fulfilling life?
Wouldn't it be amazing if your dog could tell you when it's hungry, or cold, or scared? While your dog cannot physically speak, their body language tells us all the things we need to know about how they are feeling – including whether they are happy.
Provided that your dogs' essential needs have been met (free from hunger, thirst, pain, illness, and anxiety) there are some tell-tale signs to look for to determine whether your dog is happy:

    Relaxed body: Just like humans, dogs that are distressed are tense. A relaxed and happy dog will have a loose and often wiggly body, calm eyes, and soft ears.

2.    Playful and non-destructive behaviour: We all know that a bored dog is a mischievous dog, which often finds destructive ways to cure their boredom such as chewing through the couch and cushions. Happy dogs are generally fun and playful, and are content to play with their chew toys and balls.

3.    Tail wagging: Probably the easiest and most common sign of a happy dog is tail wagging. If your dog's tail is relaxed and whips around excitedly, this is a sign of happiness.

    If your dog is consistent with its routine: Dogs love consistency, they like to know when they can eat, play, go to the bathroom, and sleep. All of these activities culminate in a pooch that gets enough physical and mental stimulation daily – leading to a very happy greyhound.

    Seeking physical contact: A happy dog will seek physical contact from you. Whether that’s a gentle paw on your foot or lap, resting their head on you or, if you have a greyhound, completely leaning into you even while standing ‘up right’.

While these are fairly common signs to look for, each dog is unique in its own way, including the type of things that make them happy. If you know your dog well and you’ve set up a healthy routine, you will definitely know when there has been a shift in their mood.
Learning to read the signs is all part of being a responsible owner and will ensure your pooch lives a full and happy life.