Tips for a paw-tastic Australia Day

Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a day at the beach, or a barbie with mates, there’s no reason why your fur-ball shouldn’t be included in Australia Day celebrations.
When planning, it’s important to consider your pooches unique needs and personality so that you can both enjoy a fun and relaxed day.
Here are some of our top picks to keep you and your companion safe and entertained this Australia Day:
Dress the part
Your pooch will look the part in Australia Day get up like this reversible Aussie Neckerchief from FrankieAndEmmett. Handmade in Australia, these bandanas feature prints on both sides and are machine washable for easy cleaning.
Enjoy the outdoors
Enjoy the beautiful and sprawling Aussie outdoors and plan a pet-friendly picnic. Whether you’re looking for leash-free parklands, national parks, or somewhere with a water view, you will be spoiled for choice with the myriad of options in NSW – find your closest pet-friendly park here. Remember to pack:

- Toys: consider frisbees or balls to get the blood pumping
- Umbrella for shade if you are in an open area with little tree coverage
- Plenty of water and a water bowl
- Doggy doo doo bags
- Doggy treats
- A towel to wipe off any dirt/mud before the trip home
Backyard BBQ
Part take in the quintessential Aussie experience of firing up the BBQ. Whether you’re planning on having a relaxed afternoon at home with family and friends or looking for a scenic location to cook up your snags, having an old fashioned BBQ is a great way to relax and bond with your pooch. Cooked meat (particularly those with heavy seasoning and marinades) is not good for your dog's belly. If you’re planning on giving your pooch a treat, put aside some raw (plain) meat and serve this to your dog when you’re ready to eat so they can enjoy a good chow down too.
Find your local dog-friendly pub or cafe
If you want to celebrate in the social scene with locals, there are plenty of dog-friendly pubs and café’s serving up puppuchino’s and free treats for the perfect fuss-free Australia Day. This is a great way to get amongst it, without the stress of packing up the car and traveling great distances. Here’s a list of some Sydney favourites.
Make it beachy
Beach Day - the ultimate go-to on a hot summer day or if you’re looking for last-minute activities. We’ve compiled a list of pooch-friendly beach activities here. Ensure you have checked the local council website for specific rules or restrictions on pets at your specific location as these will differ.