Why you should adopt and older dog

By gapnsw.com.au
During the pandemic, we witnessed a flurry of pet adoptions as people sought companions to share the large amount of time they were now spending at home. This was particularly true for puppy adoptions, which caused a critical shortage of puppies available for adoption.
While puppies can be suitable for certain households, there are huge advantages to adopting an older dog.
Good Manners

Older dogs are usually house trained, including the dreaded potty training. Because they have life experience, they generally will be keen to please you by showing obedience and very quickly understand what you’re asking from them.

You know what you’re getting

They have established personalities and behaviours so you know exactly what you’re getting (in comparison to a juvenile pooch). You will have a good understanding of their temperament and needs before they step foot in the house so you can decide whether they fit in with your family unit and lifestyle.

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks

Forget the old adage, dogs can be trained at any age. Moreover, older dogs can be easier to train because they have calmer temperaments, a longer attention span, and are super eager to please you.

There’s still a lot of life left in them

Dogs live for 10-15 years depending on their breed and level of health. Don’t overlook the 5+years old dog because they still have a lot of life left in them and a lot of love to give you and your family.
When considering whether to adopt a puppy or a more established dog, it’s important to understand your particular family set up and the requirements of that dog in its current phase of life. While adopting a puppy can sound great in theory, they require a lot of time, energy, and supervision as they navigate the juvenile phases of life and establish their personalities and behaviours. Older dogs can provide instant companionship and slot into the family unit seamlessly.

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