How to keep your dog cool this summer

When it comes to cooling down, for humans the choice is endless. Whether you prefer to sit inside and enjoy air conditioning, sipping on an icy cold drink, go for a swim at the beach or a dip in the pool, we are spoiled for choice.
On stinking hot days, dogs also enjoy fun ways to cool down. Here are some fun ways to keep your greyhound cool and entertained this summer:

Frozen Kong
Turn your Kong into a delicious icy treat by sealing one end with peanut butter and filling the other end with watered-down chicken stock. Freeze the Kong overnight and let your pooch enjoy the tasty frozen treat all day long.

Ice ice bricky
Grab an empty ice cream container and with water halfway and freeze it. Add your dog's favourite treats on top of the frozen liquid – we recommend liver treats, watermelon, apples, banana, and pineapple. Fill the rest of the container to the top and refreeze.

Repurpose your kids pool
Small blow-up pools are a fantastic way for your pooch to cool down in the comfort of your backyard. Take it to the next level by throwing in their favourite toys or maybe play a game of underwater fetch.

Play activated sprinkler
There are lots of dog sprinklers on the market which are activated by pressure from your dog's paws. This fun toy is sure to keep your dog cool, hydrated, and entertained.

The right equipment
There is a range of purposely designed products that will help keep your pooch cool in summer. Items such as cooling mats give your dog instant relief and comfort, or cooling vests or bandanas are a perfect way to keep your dog cool if you’re on a walk or enjoying the outdoors.
Of course, you should use your own judgment and ensure you monitor your dog for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. When outdoors, dogs need adequate shade and water supply, if your backyard offers no shade then bring your dog inside for respite, particularly during the hottest hours of the day around lunchtime.