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Age: 3 years 4 months | Sex: Female

She might not be fluffy but she’s as soft and as gentle as a cloud. Our Cloud is a sweet, confident and affectionate girl who is ready for her forever home. 

Cloud could suit full time workers schedule as she is happy to hang out in the backyard in a bed in the sun with some fun toys and food enrichment like a yummy beef brisket bone to keep her busy, then she will be happy to sleep the day away and wait for your return with her wagging tail.

Age: 6 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Everyone is always looking for their Prince Charming, but what about our Princess Charm? 

She isn’t a high needs princess and doesn’t worry about a huge castle with gold. Charm is much easier going and wouldn’t mind a nice home with a yard to relax in along with toys and very comfy bedding, even a pea wouldn’t concern her! Charm is quite the confident lady and would enjoy a home whether you were there more often than not or if you were out for longer periods, that’s how easy going she is! Charm would appreciate if her potential family were to have children that they be respectful and kind- she is a princess after all! Charm wouldn’t mind if she shared her humble abode with a med/lrg canine companion pending a meet and greet.

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Start off your morning with a big cup of juice- the darker, the sweeter the juice is!

Juice is certainly one of the more bouncy boys here and is always up for a game. Juice loves all toys, especially tennis balls and sometimes will even bring them back to you. Due to Juice's excitable and out going personality, we feel older/no children would be best and of course a yard to play in when going into his new home. Juice has shown to cope well for full time hours and wouldn't mind if his new family were out during the day, all he asks for is lots of toys and a comfy bed.

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Hello. The name’s Bruce. I may have a toothy overbite but I promise I am no shark! 

I would like a human to be my one and only. I don't mind if you work full time but i would enjoy a quiet area for me to slowly adjust to. Please know, i do take a little time to come out of my shell, but once i do I'm am the sweetest boy! Treats are my favorite, i love chicken breast but sometimes i get cheese when i am an extra good boy and that makes my whole day! I love to go for a gentle wander around the local quiet area with my great lead manners, however I would appreciate someone willing to start off with shorter walks as I get used to the big, wide world. I am still learning to enjoy being indoors so I will need a backyard to retreat to as I please and a quieter home with no kids would be best. Treaties will help with teaching me to enjoy new parts of pet life and when it comes to yummy chicken treats I am a mindless eating machine! Once i warm up to you, i am a big goofy smoochey boy! I know i will forever give you smiles! I enjoy other doggy pals and i'm even a good boy with the smaller pooches too! If my new home does have a doggy friend, i do prefer them to be more independent and quiet as i am sensitive and get a little worried when they are full on and in my face. 

Age: 9 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Black clouds are usually quite daunting but our Cloud is a little different. At 9yo, she sure has seen some things in her time. However, the world can still get a little scary for this sweet lady and she sometimes finds it a little overwhelming. Cloud is looking for the simple life, one with a calm quiet environment to relax the day away in and be spoilt by endless delicious food. As clouds don’t generally come by themselves, this Cloud very much likes her company and would enjoy her new home even more if she has the company of humans or a med/lrg canine friend. Teenage+ or no children would be best due to Clouds sensitive and quiet nature. 

Cloud is available now at our Wyee facility.

Age: 6 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Introducing the sweetest man going around, Mighty Joe Young – or just Joe for short, but in saying that, there’s nothing short about this beautiful tall, handsome man!

Joe is here, ready and waiting for his future home and he is already winning the hearts of all the staff at GAP HQ! With the way he looks at you with such kind eyes, and his beautiful old man eyebrows (when he’s not even that old), he’s just an absolute pleasure to be around. His personality is just too sweet as well, quite full of life and so much love to give to everyone. He loves to play with his human pals and toys, racing around the yard when the toys are thrown.

Age: 8 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Mamma Mia we have found this beautiful boy and his name is Huberto; meaning bright or shining intellect – With all his grey hairs on his face, he sure is a shining star!

This beautiful old gentleman is looking for his home, and a very warm, snuggly bed. He would love to live his retirement life in a nice home with a backyard, big enough for him to zoom around and play with some toys. A home with older children would be best, as he can be a little playful and bouncy in the yard. Depending on a meet & greet, Huberto may like a canine friend of the medium-large size. He also would suit people that work full time as he copes quite well in his yard all day, but would be best in a yard with opaque fencing.

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Male

A soft-hearted greyhound, Ferdinand, is trying to escape from Wyee to look for his new home! 

Much like the kind bull character, Ferdinand is also as sweet as can be but he may not be the safest in a china shop! 

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Male

Looking for the perfect canine companion? Well get a load of this handsome rig!

Riggs is the very definition of a gentle giant as he may be large in size but is a very quiet and affectionate boy. Riggs is best known for stealthily squeezing his head under your arm for a pat whenever the opportunity presents itself! Riggs is suitable for those who work part-time or causal hours, but can stay home alone longer if he had another medium/large dog for company during the day. Riggs loves to go for a stroll around town and although he is excited to get going, he quickly settles into a nice rhythm and makes the perfect walking partner. When you get home Riggs will gladly join you in the loungeroom for a movie marathon (though no promises he won’t fall asleep), as he has shown us good manners indoors.

Age: 2 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Looking for someone to share the joy in life while also being a smooch puss when the joy is all used up?  Then Daenerys may be just the ray of sunshine that your looking for.  She enjoys each and every day and will always start the day in a her happy way and is looking for a family to  join that gets that. 

She is great with other greyhounds and is okay with other dogs passing her current backyard. She say no thanks to unit or townhouse living as a girl needs her space and green grass to run around on and wouldn’t mind an older child or 2 providing they are respectful. Perfect for the full time worker who can take her for a walk in the mornings or a good game in the big yard will suffice.  She say no to pet parks, cat or pocket pets please.

Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Female

If you have been looking for a sweet friendly girl to share your days with then Lacey might be just the gal for you. Sally is a joy to have around and really wont mid to much if she get out for a walk every few days, as long as she can be a fully fledged family member life is all good! Currently living with her very own Jack Russell, she would be fine with other little dogs providing they are calm and respectful.

She would be fine with older kids that are quiet, calm and respectful, however Ideally she is suited to a retired person or couple looking for some company where the only game she has to play is who get the remote control (as we all know she who holds the remote controls what we all watch).  She would be okay for full time workers if she is able to stay in the house and be nice and snugly while your out earning the $$.

Age: 2 years 2 months | Sex: Female

***Currently in foster******* Daisy Duke is a beautiful soulful 2 year old girl who is looking for a family with older teens or a retired couple looking to add a friend. She is a dream dog with a kind nature that just wants to be a part of your life but is okay if your not home all the time either. She will require a home that can let her have as many tennis balls as she can dream of!

Daisy Duke needs a full sized yard so no units or townhouses please and is not suited to a “dog park” lifestyle. Just walks out are fine for her where she can just be with you to explore the wonderful world out there. She is located in Nowra and will need an in person meet.

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

When I think of a beautiful relationship, I think of you being the moon, they being the stars and I being the sun… and when I think of a beautiful greyhound I think of Moonie.

Magical Moonie is looking for his forever home, and wanting the most marvelous family. Could you offer this to him?

Age: 1 year 9 months | Sex: Male


The bell has rung, Rocky has his gloves on and ready to show you what a champion he is! 

Age: 3 years 2 months | Sex: Female

Hi! My name is Lucy Lu, but you can call me Lu!

I am a fun girl who would love someone who wants to spend time with me and go exploring. I am friends with a Kelpie who lives with me at the moment but haven't met any small dogs or cats yet! I love to run around and will need a fully fenced yard.

Age: 6 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Hey people’s!

The names Deano, and I’m lookin’ for my forever home! Could it be yours?!

Age: 8 years 6 months | Sex: Female

With her sleek blue coat, waggy tail and beautiful brown eyes, come and admire this precious gemstone, shining and standing out from the crowd. Sapphire could be all yours! 

Sapphire is a gentle older lady who is very gentle on lead, and is a calm and affectionate girl. Sapphire is good with all dogs whether that be small dogs or spending her day chilling out with other greyhounds in our backyard. 

Age: 1 year 0 months | Sex: Male

Beautiful, beautiful Barry!

What can I tell you about this boy?! Other than he is so beautiful inside and out! For being only 1 year old he has shown a lovely playful personality and seems to love human attention and scratches!

Age: 7 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Handsome boy Bluey is looking for his forever home and with his gorgeous blue brindle coat and gentle personality he’s sure to be snapped up in an instant! 

Bluey has been a pet before so understands all the rules of pet life (like sleeping on the lounge…) He lived in a home with young children and would be okay to live with another family with children so long as they are respectful of his space. Bluey still has a fun and playful side and especially loves to chase toys! He enjoys going for walks and going on adventures with his family. While he does get along with other dogs he has met, we feel he may prefer to be an only dog and be the centre of attention. He loves to be inside and nap the day away on the lounge or his own dog bed. He can settle on his own for a few hours at a time but would prefer not to be left alone all day. He is a very gentle, loving boy who would make a great pet for a very lucky family. 

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Don't let my name full you, I will NOT be living in the Jungle.

Hi! My names Tarzan and I  am a VERY handsome boy. I enjoy being lavished in attention and have my humans bring me new toys to play with. I am very bed oriented and even understands the humans when they make a polite suggestion that I go to mine (SEE I'm not just pretty, I'm also VERY smart).