Everything you should know about canine herpes

By www.gapnsw.com.au
Canine herpes is a viral infection that affects the reproductive organs of adult dogs, and the respiratory organs in puppies.
Like a lot of viral infections, Canine herpes is transmitted via droplets in the air and through direct contact with an infected dog. The infection can be easily passed through sneezing, coughing, sniffing, licking, and close contact with another dog.
While the virus is commonly seen in puppies, older dogs are also susceptible to canine herpes. In older dogs, the virus first appears as an upper respiratory infection with similar symptoms to kennel cough, and can also present in the eye as conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers.
If your dog shows any of these symptoms, a simple blood test or swab at the vet can confirm the diagnosis. Treatment is needed as soon as possible, which includes fluids and antibiotics to aid in a speedy recovery.
If your dog shows signs of this virus, it’s important to present them to a vet as soon as possible and isolate them from any other dogs in your care to prevent the disease from spreading.